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Mylo is Proud to be drug and alcohol free for over 15 years! He has found his way to being a Highly Valued Public Speaker! Taking his own personal hardships and combining them into a presentation that is based on a foundation for a Paradigm Shift.


Mylo tackles all the issues that hinder people today! Ranging from Alcohol and drug prevention, sexual abuse, and domestic violence to suicide prevention venues. Mylo stays universal to where he can present; it spans across generations from elderly, adult, adolesence and youth! Mylo’s presentation has gained high praise from all different walks of life!


Smith's focus has been to reach out and help others! “When I first started doing standup comedy I would share that I was sober, different people started to approach me and encourage me to share my story with others! I had endured so much pain and overcame many obstacles from being sexually abused, growing up in a dysfunctional home filled with alcohol and drugs, and my own personal addictions. Also, had to deal with my dad dying in prison and my mother killing her boyfriend in a drunken domestic violence dispute. Elders said I should talk about these things more. I put together a presentation and used my story as an example! Today I continue my work throughout Indian Country!” says Mylo!

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