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Mylo Smith (Crow Creek-Dakota) started doing comedy 15 years ago. After fifteen years in the game, he can tell you one thing, he should have applied for a job at McDonald's. He would have went further there. 

However, being the dynamic under achiever he is, this eager master procrastinator set his stubborn mind on achieving lower goals, such as a career in stand-up comedy. 

The result, an unique comedy show that can be funny...sometimes! 

Over the last 15 years Mylo has established himself in the comedy world. From starting out as an opening act to traveling the United States as a Nationally known headliner, its been quite the ride. In 2011 Smith entered into a "Comedy Contest" billed as the "Up and Coming Stars of Tomorrow" put on by one the most decorated Comedy Clubs in Hollywood. A month long event with 4 different heats, and over 60 contestants, Mylo walked away with 3rd place the Championship night! 

In 2017 Mylo started doing sketch comedy videos on facebook and over the course of time has racked up over 15 million views on those videos. With over 100k followers online and growing, Smith has the background of an old school comedian who understand the dynamics of comedy while also adapting to the new school way of entertainment online. His experience as a comedian allows him to adapt to just about any situation. He can clean up his act to entertain at high schools, conferences, and or do adult rated shows in casinos and clubs making him a dynamic performer! 

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